What You Need To Know About Cash Flow!

Maybe you have noticed:     

  • Are your funds slowly being siphoned from your business? 
  • Have found yourself trying to figure out where it went wrong or how to get back on track? 
  • Are you relying on credit for everyday expenses?       
  • Are you staying awake at night worrying about finances?

If your desire is to build a successful business, then this book is for you!

Did You Know?

70% WERE PROFITABLE when they closed their doors
~According to FinPacific Treasury Systems


82% of small businesses FAIL due to CASH FLOW reasons
~According to research done by U.S. Bank and cited on the SCORE/Counselors to America’s Small Business

About The Book!

This book acts as a guide to help you anticipate and navigate cash flow threats.

It is a collection of stories by Rinette Lagace from her over 25 years of experience as a Certified Professional Bookkeeper.  Sharing the most common financial blunders made by business owners and provides tactics to avoid these common money-sucking errors.

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There Is A Course Too!

“The Courageous to Successful Entrepreneur” Course, dives into the three main areas of running a business; Making Money, Plugging the Holes (Saving money), Review and Evaluating where you are at! With this course, you will get strategies to use and a clear plan of attack to build your business.


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